‘A powerful speaker, with a million dollar voice. Stephen has a story to tell that will take you to the next level.’ Les Brown, Speaker
‘Intelligent, easy going and funny’ Akon, Singer and Philanthropist
‘Good looking and witty…I hate him’ Grant Cardone, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur
‘Steve’s as good as his word’ The Money Pit, Dave

You’re going to die. We are all going to die. That is a guarantee. There’s no guarantee you are going to live!
This book will take you on a journey. With humorous anecdotes from the author, backed by psychological research and topped 

with wisdom passed on from some of the most successful people on the planet, you will learn to identify what is stopping you 

from forging the life you deserve.
Annihilate the
BULLSH!T using the life-changing  exercises within this book, including the grand 
finale - the powerful act of physically burning your disempowering beliefs.
What are you waiting for?